When early explorers first set out West across the Atlantic, most people thought the world was flat. Most people thought if you sailed far enough West, you would drop off a plane into nothing. Those vessels sailing out into the unknown, they weren't carrying noblemen or aristocrats. They were crewed by people living on the edge of life: the madmen, orphans, outcasts like myself. As a felon, I'm an unlikely candidate for most things. But perhaps not for this. Perhaps I am the most likely...



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    Ich bin drin... Mann war das einfach!

    Du hast dich eingeloggt!
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    Mein Maserati fährt 200 Sachen

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    Get rich or die postin’

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    Du bist noch hier?

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    Kannst du binär?

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    Fünfe gerade sein lassen

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    Einmal ist keinmal, zweimal ist ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung

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    War es für dich so schön wie für uns?

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