Trailer: Scary Love ~ Tommy Wiseau

Diego de la Vega

Not Yet Rated
"Scary Love" aka Tommy Wiseau als Kopfgeldjäger auf der Suche nach seiner lange verlorenen Liebe in der Zukunft - Der Film. Mutanten, Freaks und Kannibalen inklusive. Noch ohne Termin.

"In a bleak Los Angeles of the future Tommy Wiseau plays a bounty hunter in search of his long lost love. But while the Wars of Cancellation have turned his city to rubble his search for love is rife with complications in a population full of mutants, freaks, and cannibals. The film is directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford whose production company Telefantasy Studios has been churning out subversive content for over a decade and garnered its own cult following. Scary Love is her first collaboration with legendary filmmaker Tommy Wiseau and casts him as the leading man. It's a science fiction tale told in the style of classic B-movies and outfitted with practical special effects, laser beams, and lunatic ideas.

Teaser Trailer

Und ja, das ist ein echter Film, trotz Voiceover von Jon Bailey.